Thought Leadership

Trading and Best Execution Insights – Interview with Sean Hoover, Chief Operating Officer, PureStream Trading Technologies

Ari Burstein, Founder, Trading Evolved, spoke with Sean Hoover, Chief Operating Officer at PureStream Trading Technologies in advance of the September 21, 2022 Trading Evolved Canada Trading and Best Execution Summit, and to preview some of the issues that Sean and PureStream would discuss at the Summit.

The interview focused on:

Trading Strategies and Venue Competition:  Given the crowded space when it comes to trading venues, how venues are differentiating themselves and the trading strategies that market participants are currently looking for.

Addressing Information Leakage:  How venues are currently trying to address the longstanding issues around information leakage.

Proliferation of Order Types:  How people should be thinking about the concept of venues offering order types that generate “algo-like” fills, potentially blurring the lines between venues and brokers.

The full interview with Sean Hoover can be found below.