Thought Leadership

Trading and Best Execution Insights – Interview with Devi Shanmugham, Global Head of Compliance at Tradeweb

Ari Burstein, Founder, Trading Evolved, spoke with Devi Shanmugham, Global Head of Compliance at Tradeweb in advance of the September 21, 2022 Trading Evolved Canada Trading and Best Execution Summit, and to preview some of the issues that Devi and Tradeweb would discuss at the Summit.

The interview focused on:

Impact of US Regulatory Changes on the Canadian Markets:  Given Tradeweb’s offerings, and its unique position in the markets vis-a-vis different asset classes and products, how some of the important regulatory changes happening in the US could potentially impact the Canadian markets and market participants.

Key Technological Developments:  What some of the key technological advances have been that have produced significant innovations and systems to connect participants in the securities markets.

Fixed Income Markets and Regulation:  Considerations that should be taken into account when forming regulations in the fixed income markets, given the differences from the equities markets.

The full interview with Devi Shanmugham can be found below.