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Trading and Best Execution Insights – Interview with Rishi Nangalia and Glenn Lesko, OPCO Advisory

Ari Burstein, Founder, Trading Evolved, spoke with Rishi Nangalia, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, and Glenn Lesko, Partner, of OPCO Advisory to preview some of the issues that will be discussed at the Trading Evolved Trading and Best Execution Summit on June 14, 2022 at the Metropolitan Club in New York.

The interview focused on:

Impact of Regulatory Changes on Market Participants:  What are the current gaps in the needs of businesses when it comes to the changing market structure and regulation.

Current Firm Needs:  Given the changes already made to regulation, and potential changes coming down the road, the types of firms having the greatest needs when it comes to technology and regulation.

Looking Ahead – Trends in Market Structure and Regulation:  Top areas going forward where firms will be looking for help given changes to regulation.

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The full interview with OPCO Advisory can be found below.