Thought Leadership

Trading and Best Execution Insights – Interview with Nitin Gambhir, Founder and Head of Research, Tethys Technology

Ari Burstein, Founder, Trading Evolved, spoke with Nitin Gambhir, Founder and Head of Research at Tethys Technology, as a follow-up to the June 14 Trading Evolved US Trading and Best Execution Summit, to discuss some of the issues that were raised at the event.

Nitin and Tethys Technology also will be participating at the upcoming Trading Evolved Canada Trading and Best Execution Summit to be held on September 21 in Toronto.

The interview focused on:

Trading Developments/Advancements: What has really been new on the trading front and more importantly, helpful, when it comes to technology and algorithms, and specifically some of the tools available to market participants.

Impact of Regulation: How some of the potential changes to US equities market microstructure laid out by SEC Chair Gensler in his remarks on market structure reform could impact the quality of execution in the markets.

TCA/Analytics: How to leverage analytics to get more value from data, as well as some of the challenges to measuring and analyzing execution quality and trading performance.

The full interview with Nitin Gambhir can be found below.