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Trading and Best Execution Insights – Interview with John Ramsay, Chief Market Policy Officer, IEX

Ari Burstein, Founder, Trading Evolved, spoke with John Ramsay, Chief Market Policy Officer, at IEX, in a wide ranging interview to provide a preview into some of the issues that will be discussed at the Trading Evolved Trading and Best Execution Summit on June 14, 2022 at the Metropolitan Club in New York.  Mr. Ramsay will moderate a keynote discussion with Robert Cook, President and Chief Executive Officer of FINRA and Rick Ketchum, Retired Chief Executive Officer of FINRA, on the evolution of FINRA and the securities markets.

Specifically, the interview focused on:

The Evolution of FINRA: With exchanges almost all part of public companies, how successfully FINRA has managed to walk the line of being the prime remaining example of a true SRO, while at the same time being asked to take on more and more quasi-government responsibilities.

Venue Competition: How IEX and other exchanges have tried to distinguish themselves, for example, through order types or fees, particularly as more exchanges and venues have proliferated.

Rise of Retail Trading: How the rise of retail trading has changed the way IEX looks at the markets, and whether this has created opportunities for more orders to be traded on-exchange.

State of Market Data Wars: IEX’s current views on market data and related exchange market data practices.

Crypto: FTX recently announced it entered into an agreement to make a strategic investment in IEX – what this means for the exchange space in general when it comes to looking at crypto, and what the specific value proposition is for IEX.

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The full interview with John Ramsay can be found below.